Saturday, 7 January 2012

A New Year..A New Project!

This is a magnet made for a Post crossing (postcard exchange site) friend in the Netherlands! A young guy who sent me  a Christmas card that he had from his gramma, it was so sweet I though I would save the image for him to keep forever.     Sending ...

Tried a keychain last night!
Not a gret view!
New project! Note/pic holder! I have a few wooden frames around and wanted to use them up.  Above Rubies Studio gave me the inspiration!

Holds grocery list, notes, pics, keys maybe?

So I decided to star with the small wood one and move on to the bigger one. Here it is just started, still lots to be added.

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  1. Everything that I see I love. You have always been the artsy talented one of us. Love Judy