Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spring-y enough for you? Birds, yes a made a couple more this morning...

I think I have to get some striped material and go for a pengu look next time!

Finished up a couple more washers for cahrms.
gift boxes that I hope to resemble old building blocks..eventually...

I am holding up the letter, but I will add  them perm. 
Little light for little baby girls room perhaps?

Just a fun birthday card for my son the cow lover! 3D glasses look cool in person!  Happy Easter to everyone, I am gone Monday till after Easter! Sunshine AND WARM TEMP. here I come!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sewing tonight! Thinking of making a family of little birds for fall crafts (show, bazar at sister in laws home!). He's my prototype, need a few adjustments perhaps, what do you think? He has a square body and I may use a larger seem allowance to make him a bit smaller for tiny hands.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

OK Retook all photos and the show up better but no sparkle really! Finished up 4 started the other day too! So busy, busy! Birthday boy 'in the house' today so surf and turf for dinner and yes cake! Looks nice, but chilli outside again burrrr...florida just days away now!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Boy there's a chill in the I was able to stay in and do some cards tonight!  The computer camera is awful though.

I think I have to retake these pics, as they are really  full of spring colors!

Did I say spring colors? Some are black and white.

The sparkle isn't even showing up!

Remember  spring colors!

I have to retake buts about it!

Sparkle! (not really)

Colorful! (not)



Sunday, 18 March 2012

Will add name and couple pop out items to this still, but its a start!

Adding a 3d flower (and a name) and butterfly to this one.

Will add something besides a name to these last two also.

We have had one beautiful day after another for the spring break, hence no work done inside...including crafts!  But today I decided to take the plunge, a new craft I was a little intimidated with so put off starting it. I was going to try one, but found it easy just to do them all at once, I will add either a big initial or full name to these canvases. One for a girl and 3 for a boys room. Sorry about the sunshine in the pics. Will try again, once these are totally finished with names and hangers. These are a four pack of artist canvases that measure  5 by 5 inches. Tell me what you think...please....

Sunday, 11 March 2012

This is very clear in person!

Have a selection of clear glass tiles now!

OK should retake this one.

Very sparkly!
It's March break! Happy March break everyone! Starting off with free tickets, husband won to the mega car show! Free tickets he won to the Manderin and ending with free tickets to Van Halen, well son and husband to end the week like rock stars!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Two quickies...dry erase boards. Both 5 x 7 but stand up differently.

Add a marker(which I have), and you have a nice little treat for some one!
Wow, the cold spell is now over...and we are in for two weeks of above average temperatures! Just perfect for March Break!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A windy night, some glitter and glue and all is well!

Its still one of my favorites!

These are 2 seperate chams...the red and black is so nice under glass!

Magnet turned out well, but these round glass tiles are hand made, so the are bigger and not perfect!


Set of magnets! Turned out better than shown! My second favorite!

This is a charm for a chain.

For a chain or magnet not sure yet!

Tried some sparkle on this one~ again better in person! 
OK, something new...switch plates covered...first attempt.


It was so windy here last night, that I found it hard to sleep. So I tried to cover the switch plates. I like them but the paper was a bit thick to use.