Friday, 27 January 2012

Happy Friday!  Here's a really quick project to make! Its a dry erase board. Made from old picture frame I had from the dollar store .  Stamp the card underneath, slip it in and viola! Pop in a dry erase maker(dollar store) and you have a nice little gift.  I had the small frames(stand up plastic) and they have sparkle-y around the edges, but the 5 x 7 inch would be better (bigger) and without the boarder you can make a pretty paper one that makes it stand out nicely. Very handy for a desktop or kitchen counter!

Hard to get a proper pic of these, but they turned out nice and the different chains give them a  unique look!  They are a jeans and tee type necklace. they have a casual look to them.

So much of a better pic! NOT! Going to get models for these.

Tags...seen a group of simialr tags, used for little gifts to take home from a wedding!  It looked so nice. Of course they could be used for valentines too.

Cards, cards and more cards, cause I haven't done any for a couple days!

Love is friendship...hard to see in this pic.

Thinking of you.

Added some bling to this.

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