Thursday, 6 July 2017

Summer is under way!

Armatures for smaller Paverpol pieces for the garden. Humming birds and sailboats!

Table top heron I tried with a very textured material and I love it. He is still to be air brushed or dry brushed. I need a dry day up north and there's been so much rain and dampness its impossible to paint outside and have the item dry nicely.

A cat face was all that was left of this garden cat so I built him a body with Paverpol and foil!

Resin, oh my love of resin! Planets

Resin on an old album.

Another Resined piece! Night sky upclose!

A most handsome huge Heron that a student did up north in Gravenhurst!

He such a big beautiful guy! And I must try to post the dry brushing student did to bring all the demenions out..its wonderful!Looks great in her garden!

Night sky trial piece prior to resin.

My heron who now looks old and grey against the nice new black ones we did...Im going to air brush him back to life this summer!

Building of a Heron

Wow he's gonna be big! the beginning...

Found a spot for some resin pieces.

A little of this and a little of that..prepping for painting and resins.

Painting on my old fence boards, finally hung up!

Smaller tabletop heron armature, foil and tape.

Next step first of the paverpol going on.

resin piece that looks awesome.

Acrylic then resined afterwards.

Early resin piece framed.

Flipflops keychaine

Mini clay and resin elephant!

Mini bird clay and resin.

Heron picture I used to style my armatures. Not done by me...and its wonderful.

bird feet!

Heron Armatures



many bird feet!

Waves on barn board scrap.

resin bird.

Night sky north resin on album.

Resin thats much more colorful in person!

Hard to believe that this was the only flower in my garden 6 weeks ago. Now with all the rain, the garden is massive and wildly over grown before I can even get out there!

Blue sky

Resin trinkets!

Resin pieces hung

Resin piece In still working on! Repurposed from an old table.
I hope everone had a great Canada Day and is having a wonderful and safe summer.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Clay crafts, crochet, paint and more PAVERPOL! 2 Upcomming heron classes, 1 in Gravenhurst 24th(rain date 31st)of May and 1 in Mississauga 3rd Week of June to be confirmed. if interested please email me( classes.

teenty tinyelephant, think i will pour resin over it to protect it a bit!

Starting to make armature for our Heron classes!

This is tabletop size armature for heron class.

Heron feet!

Crochet on way up and back from Gravenhurst!

Just couldnt toss the piece of wood left over from big piece below. Painted and water and sides are resined.

^ feet long or more for big empty space up north!

Heron I did years ago..still on porch!


resin pieces!