Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What a dreary day. Here are my Sunday night crafts!
Happy Valentines!

Still to add sentiment to this card. 
I should turn this, I know. Its another 'smash book'

back of book

Will add something to this cover, perhaps some butterflies or needs something!

and the back.

Remember these little clothes pegs?  They are just over an inch long. Wondering if you have any ideas for these. I'm thinking magnets(of course),  and book marks.  Any other ideas would be helpful!  Happy Tuesday, if you can be happy with this ugly weather outside today! 


  1. Robin I love everything you are working on. The key chain is a great idea and the magnets are really cute too. Great work.

  2. Hey Robin, I need to come shopping! Let me know when a good time would be!
    ...p.s. your blog looks great !

  3. Linda...anytime you know I am here! I need the girls to help critique these washers...have a couple ways to do them....need your email girl!
    Laura...better pics of the washers for you to see too!