Thursday, 18 May 2017

Clay crafts, crochet, paint and more PAVERPOL! 2 Upcomming heron classes, 1 in Gravenhurst 24th(rain date 31st)of May and 1 in Mississauga 3rd Week of June to be confirmed. if interested please email me( classes.

teenty tinyelephant, think i will pour resin over it to protect it a bit!

Starting to make armature for our Heron classes!

This is tabletop size armature for heron class.

Heron feet!

Crochet on way up and back from Gravenhurst!

Just couldnt toss the piece of wood left over from big piece below. Painted and water and sides are resined.

^ feet long or more for big empty space up north!

Heron I did years ago..still on porch!


resin pieces!


resin works!