Tuesday, 10 January 2012

January 10th and no snow yet! So the tree is gone, the decorations put away, well mostly put away, and the kids are back to school! It was a good holiday and it time to move on to the next! Valentines day! I am going to come up with a card that includes kisses, of the chocolate kind of course! Already have it in mind, so as soon as I am able, I will get on it. Anyone want a key chain for their sweetheart? Necklace for the darlings? Anything? Anyone?  

This looks better in person and the shine is much better for this card to! Maybe I should add bling to the center of the flowers?

Love birds!


This card has a 3d effect with the frame and copper wire holds the sign.

Haven't decided whether these are to be magnets or charms.  Would maybe like to sell 4 as a set of magnets.

Have a great day!


  1. You are really doing a great job. So talented. I like everything but the cards are really cute.

  2. If its your first time here, make sure you see the older posts that are listed. There is a variety of items made from November's first post onward. Really worth looking at!