Monday, 30 January 2012

Its Monday, Blah ! Anyways here my newest 'charms'. I think they are getting better..... And onto Valentines.....

Cute monster cards made on Sunday.....(my love monster, I love  u and  Wanna smack lips)

I heart u, My wild thang & Big hug!

Please be mine & full of monster mush....

Magnet packs ready to go! $4




Friday, 27 January 2012

Happy Friday!  Here's a really quick project to make! Its a dry erase board. Made from old picture frame I had from the dollar store .  Stamp the card underneath, slip it in and viola! Pop in a dry erase maker(dollar store) and you have a nice little gift.  I had the small frames(stand up plastic) and they have sparkle-y around the edges, but the 5 x 7 inch would be better (bigger) and without the boarder you can make a pretty paper one that makes it stand out nicely. Very handy for a desktop or kitchen counter!

Hard to get a proper pic of these, but they turned out nice and the different chains give them a  unique look!  They are a jeans and tee type necklace. they have a casual look to them.

So much of a better pic! NOT! Going to get models for these.

Tags...seen a group of simialr tags, used for little gifts to take home from a wedding!  It looked so nice. Of course they could be used for valentines too.

Cards, cards and more cards, cause I haven't done any for a couple days!

Love is friendship...hard to see in this pic.

Thinking of you.

Added some bling to this.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What a dreary day. Here are my Sunday night crafts!
Happy Valentines!

Still to add sentiment to this card. 
I should turn this, I know. Its another 'smash book'

back of book

Will add something to this cover, perhaps some butterflies or needs something!

and the back.

Remember these little clothes pegs?  They are just over an inch long. Wondering if you have any ideas for these. I'm thinking magnets(of course),  and book marks.  Any other ideas would be helpful!  Happy Tuesday, if you can be happy with this ugly weather outside today! 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Sunday! 

Something for the boys!
Three sets of three magnets, $4.00 each set.
Last of the three sets.

Sunday, a day of rest.  Why do I still feel so tired! Anyhow,  I've made three sets of magnets, one or two of them for boys possibly. Then I made some tiles for either hair clips, necklaces, clothes peg clips, key chains or magnets, in other words I haven't decided what is what they can be made into anything!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Somehow my post got all jumbled this patient with me, I don't know how I do these things! Have a good day and leave me a message! Please!
All in blue!

Another 'smash' book made for a true friend!

More Glass Tiles

A hair clip !

A couple new designs and I tried to show the new chains I am selling with them. They are ball chains, thinner than I've seen before, so they are actually nicer than the thick ones! I have then in charcoal and silver right now, but I can get then in many different colors!

Of coarse all tiles can be made into what ever a person might want, unless I have already added magnets or bails on back.

This is just a side view of a photo/cloths peg clip. Once I get my thin magnets in  , I will be attaching one to this.
This the frontal view, remember they are about 1 1/2 inches long..very tiny! Perfect for   magnetized wall boards, lockers and refrigerators! Great for holding photos or notes.

This red tile looks so much prettier in real life!

Its been longer than I intended, but here I am with a couple new chains, pendants and even hair clips and note clips! Take a look and send me some more ideas, as I just received a batch of glass tiles again!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

While making these two cards I had an order to make! The key chain below....does it matter that it was for my daughter? 
Never sure how clear these pictures will turn out...or if you can make out the writing on them.

This is before the bling was added, can you see it? One tiny bead!

So it wasn't the first thing I got done, but I did get it done!

Cute right?