Friday, 30 December 2011

2012 Is almost here! Wishing everyone a safe and happy year!
This is my Ren and Stimpy experiment!  This experiment is not as clear as I'd like it to be. I now have bugs, daffy, foghorn leg horn; the Marvin the martian , Selvester and Mickey of course! And I have the know how and the ability to do any character, animal, plant, word or anything else you can think of,  thanks(big thanks!) to my friend that brought me some sample papers to print on! Now if I could only perfect the blog I'd be laughing!

Hello Kitty would be great for a girls b-day! On chains or magnets.  I am sourcing magnets now if anyone has any ideas..looking for the very thin silver ones.

Horses and cats next, but the dogs turned out great! It is just glare from the light on the black lab. Should retake really.


There we go! Better picture of the lab, what a beauty she/he is!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Holidays everyone!

Just adding a couple "sets" of charms or magnets!

Magnets for the animal lover!

Cool for lockers at school right?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!Need a little something more?I can now make a chain, 18 in.(i can so make 16 or 20in if needed),  they do  give the charms a different look!  I am selling the charms on chains for $8. and 2 for $15. I will packaged and decorated in either box or heart shape container, of course its included in the price!

These are containers that I can package them them in. The packaging is decorated according to the theme or color of the charm.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Here are some of the charms and the packaging I have decided on.

I am looking into chains, the ball type, as some of these charms are not suited for rope/hemp ties. Could try ribbon too?

I am also thinking of sets of magnets (3 or 4) in one of these containers.  I think they would be a good stocking stuffer.  

Some final touches on sticky note pad books

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wanted to bring these to the forefront, as I am selling them for $6.50 or 2 for $12.00! I can do almost any image as long as I (or you) can find it and print a decent copy! Hemp cording comes in black or natural and silver beal on the back, which would look great on a silver chain too. Can be made into magnets of course, as shown on an earlier post. They do look nicer in person, trust me I love them!

These tags are recycled from french cards I " upcycled"! SOOO cute!

Here are a couplke that have that non traditional colors on them.

Good old green and red traditional tags.

I am so excited, I finally got the supplies from the U.S. to make these! I have done the magnets, shown earlier, but wanted to make them into necklaces. So here are the first two I made. They have ss beils, so would look nice on silver chain, but I am selling them with hemp cording(black and natural colour). I can make just about and picture, if I can find it, so if your needing a little something..$6.50 is what I am charging form them! Or 2 for $12.00.  They do look nicer in person! I love them! Call me! Of course we still have time before Xmas!