Monday, 23 February 2015

I was finally able to download some pics to show the process. 
#1. It starts with an armature of wire, steel and or wood.

#2. Cover your wire/ wood /steel with foil and tape if bits are loose. Shaping as you go. Paverpol wrappers are used to cover hole shaped figure before dressing.
#3. Paint with PAVERPOL  in black. Dress with tshirt(old), or anything cotton, and or Paverpol fiber materials. 

#4. Paint with Paverpol acrylics(or your own acrylic paints),  and rubs to give it a copper hammered look and in my case purple clothing ontop of highlighted copper rubs. Let dry and your done. If putting outside I would ad a high grade varnish such as Paverpol varnishes or  a good store bought for extra protection for our Canadian winters!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

I am loving recycling all my families old t shirts and scarves into beautiful garden and indoor statues!

Sharing a bit of information on Paverpol products and designers.  This was done l;ast year and what a beautiful job she has done!
I am really looking forward to meeting Carol on one of my trips down her way!

On PEI, The Birthplace of Confederation,  2014 is a very special year of celebrations and a lot is happening all around; besides the history of what happened in 1864, Arts and Culture are on top of the agenda.  

Carol Karr McQuaid from Crow's Gate Studio in Summerside (pei) participated in the Arts project "Lighthouse 2014" to decorate a model lighthouse.