Friday, 17 February 2017

Upcycle Projects are important to me.

Paverpol is wonderful to use. It lets me use up the old tees and material I've been hanging onto. Right from the beginning what inspired me was my teacher, Marlene Morton Big Bird statue. I brought with me 2 tee shirts to use. I wasn't really into the lady statues I love the heron. After doing, probably one of the toughest, most time consuming pieces I took a few more classes from Marlene and started to have a new appreciation for the 'lady' statues. Ballerinas, mother-daughter pieces, I now love them! Using old jewelry pieces on them and old lace I have collected makes them so much more special to me. Taking an old hanky my grandma would have used and putting it into a piece using clear Paverpol is just a wonderful way to preserve an item! Its virtually there forever! Paverpol has been a wonderful adventure for me and they are producing more and more product every year to enhance the line they already have. Its so exciting to learn how to use all the new products in my art work and I look so forward to continuing to move forward with Paverpol. AH what a sales pitch...wasn't meant to be, but I do love the stuff! Please read my next blog which goes into upcycling examples more.
I used ols baby sheets for all my Pavperpol sheep!
An old tshirt was used here!
A bandana my daughter no lover used was pwefect for my horse!
Old 78 Albums used to make clocks or to hang as is.

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