Wednesday, 12 October 2016

My horse is finally mounted!
Used an old bandana of my daughters for this project.
Started with making a head and was terrified of trying to make the body of this guy...needless to say he sat around for awhile!

He turned out pretty good for a first time horse!
Here he is drying with a bunch of other mounts and small wood projects I am doing.

Still need to finish up his feet but I wanted mount to dry and to make sure he was nice and stromg.  You can see my little sheepy besinde of my first animal attemps! This was the baby, I also and firstly made big moms!

This is my 'out of the box' challange. I took a masters class in Quebec this past September. It was wonderful! They had a contest to bring a project you did of a box....mines a bento box made purely of cotton and paverpol with some small squares of  card stock in walls to make it stronger.

This was the lid drying.

This is me amazed that I actually won! 

Boy what a treat and surprised because I was so inspired by everyones elses pieses that I wasn't even gonna put mine on the table!

My certificate for Masters Class. And the "MASTER"  HERSELF! All the way from the Netherlands!

We made a 3 lady candle holder. This one is not mine but a very funny lady across from me! Great job Nancy..she kept us laughing!

Also not mine but this is the friday night project I didnt join in for! Really nice smooth tectnique!

Here is mine!

More pics to come....of this weekend!

these will be 'my little angels once they are done.

Still one of my favorites!

My work stand. this is what have to start with to make the mounts. Drilling holes in cement or stone or wood. Then sanding if needed. then glueing them together or adding stablixing pieces to the larger armatures, so they will not fall over!

Think im makinf and owl for this unique stand. Bu that may change to a tiger before you know it!!

Other little tiny treasures I made out of clay.

Some of my other wood working projects! Just couldnt see this wood being burned in the firepit!

Some pieces painted up

And finally this is ginger rogers! Yes she sings and dances! this is her spider costume!

I dont think she likes it as she danced out of it a couple times! Happy halloween!

Couple other wood works.

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