Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I am so excited ! While searching the our Paverpol site, I have run into an old fried from highschool. She is also a certified Paverpol teacher in the Etobicoke area! So we've reconnected and have gotten together to paverpol, to get supplies and to generally have a good laugh! I am inspired by her visions and hope she finds the same in mine! Either way its wonderful to have someone so close to my heart back in touch and living close and doing similar crafty things! so here's some thing I'm working on.

I started Sat. morning with this little painting....for no reason in mined. When done, I thought of doing an artist with Pavorpol to go along with this!

 This is the beginning of my 'little china girl'. And 'pepper gets a friend(my bird)! Foil and taped.

 At this stage I'm covering my shape in foil, taping loose ends.

'Light it up"

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