Monday, 23 February 2015

I was finally able to download some pics to show the process. 
#1. It starts with an armature of wire, steel and or wood.

#2. Cover your wire/ wood /steel with foil and tape if bits are loose. Shaping as you go. Paverpol wrappers are used to cover hole shaped figure before dressing.
#3. Paint with PAVERPOL  in black. Dress with tshirt(old), or anything cotton, and or Paverpol fiber materials. 

#4. Paint with Paverpol acrylics(or your own acrylic paints),  and rubs to give it a copper hammered look and in my case purple clothing ontop of highlighted copper rubs. Let dry and your done. If putting outside I would ad a high grade varnish such as Paverpol varnishes or  a good store bought for extra protection for our Canadian winters!

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