Sunday, 6 May 2012

What I started for my nail polishes and some jewelry eventually. May paint this a very bright color later, but just wanted to see how it will work out first. Have seen some beautiful ones like this done up with jewelry and painted it looks really wonderful.


Little spider...magnet or charm, not sure yet!


Tag for yard sale!
Finally I am certified with Copic markers!  The course was so great! Could have stayed there coloring for days!

My own samples of techniques.

Class drawing(shading)

Class drawing tech.(feathering two colors)

class drawing(Texture/air brush/highligts)

Class Drawing(tip to tip color)


Class drawing(texture/highligts/blender pens)

Class drawing(texture/fading)

Class drawing(2 shade feathering)
Mothers day card and magnet combo.

Mother day card.

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